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WOMEN’S RIGHT TRUTH OR MYTH?  Feminism, speak up for yourself raise your voice against suppression, this is what we have filled on our timelines and news feeds these days. In this 21st century we are questioning whether the rights for women are real or just a havoc bewitching the society , then pity on us because not only this century but also the centuries in the future will be led by the women .Women have been struggling to prove this mettle since the existence of the HUMAN SOCIETY and fortunately with god’s grace has been proved that women are no less than men  whether it be the art of combat education , climbing mountains , diving from an airplane and the litany continues .



“They lied me in the name of traditions , customs ,fealties ,they addled me in the labyrinth named as society , but little did they knew, that my wings could make me fly much over it “

We worship goddess durga for power, saraswati for education , laxmi for wealth, crave for a wife like sati , but do we respect and give them rights as given to them by our worshiped lords. Do we respect each and every women around us as we worship or respect them?

The answer to the question about are women’s right truth or myth? Lies within the crime recorded against women inflating day by day.

women power

WOMEN’S RIGHT TRUTH OR MYTH? Not only in Hindu mythology but also in the Greek, Persian, Islamic , Christianity they all state that “Women has the right to give and take life of an individual , its she who will decide the existence “

Let’s see the history where women shed their blood not only to save the country but also the complete mankind. Rani laxmi bai an empress of our own stature proved that even one woman can destroy the weak foundation of such a large empire.

Giving equal rights to women has always been good for any society because it would be having both opinions of benevolence and aggression which could lead to better solution to problems. But the time has come now that we recognize this in public and give them the due respect the are meant for.


Any women’s modesty, benevolence should not be considered her decrepitude, rather it should be considered as her forgive and forget nature.

SO let the universe bow to the women who is the birth giver of the mankind, of the leaders who changed the world . Though the situation is getting ameliorated day by day but let’s pledge that it won’t be left abridged and women’s right truth or myth? Won’t be a question anymore.

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