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Top 5 fashion Brands

Top fashion Brands – Nowadays people are becoming more conscious and sophisticated with the brands of clothes than ever. After the civilization, many top brands cloth manufacturers came into existence only a few are on the top. 

“There’s never been a better time to be fashionable.”

Here are some top fashion brands!

1. Armani:


The topmost famous brand with a brand value of $3.1 billion. Armani brand is famous for making suits, the clothing is always in a luxurious fabric condition. Apart from suits they produce, leather bags, shoes, and other materials.

2. House of Versace:

Top fashion Brands
House of Versace

An Italian company established by Gianni Versace. House of Versace is famous for its vivid print, intrigued emblazon and gowns. Its brand value is $5.5 billion. 

3. Chanel:


The company was founded by Coco Chanel. It is purely a brand for women clothing. the fabric and the clothing are designed in such a way that women should feel proud and comfortable. Apart from the dress, it is famous for perfumes as well. It is the most expensive brand with the brand revenue of $6.8 billion.

4. Gucci:

Top fashion Brands

One of the most expensive brands, which produces luxury and rich clothes which are worth wearing on the red carpet.

5. Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Expensive brand yet a very well known brand for its leather, amazing tailoring of trench coats, ready to use sunglasses, clothes, shoes, books, watches, and many other accessories. It has a brand revenue of $28.1 billion 


Earlier the clothes were made to protect our body, but now it has turned into a business with new inventions every day. A lot of competition has been developed between the brands and its very difficult to stay as the top fashion brands. Drop your favorite fashion brand in our comment section.


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