Sorry is one of the most beautiful word in English dictionary. We all often use this word in our day to day life but do we know the meaning of this word. huhh?

I believe no.
May be because it does not have a specific mean left now. There were days when the value of this word was equal to respect but do you really think now is it soo???


Yes today is word is one of the must confusing word just because of its use. I am sorry if you are searching the exact meaning of sorry than this article is not usefull but if you are interested in knowing the magical meaning of this word then you are at a perfect place.

Sorry nowadays is one of the most often use word and that too on any occasion. You must have seen people saying sorry for the things they have not done. You must have seen people saying sorry just to avoid argument, you must have seen people saying sorry for each and every act they do but have you seen people saying sorry for thing they have done but are not willing to accept it. Yes i have seen and i can bet you that you also have seen such things and this things usually happens with closed onces. I have came across people who did this.

We all have some or the other person very close to us to whome we never want to leave. When ever there is a fight or conflict between them we see one of them saying sorry. This usually happens Because we never want to lose that person but sometimes we know the fact that we are wrong but then also we try to show that no i am not but still i said sorry. Is this a way to create good will or a way to enter into someone’s good books. I believe no. This should not be done. This generally happen because of ego issues. That attitude make us do this. We all think that by doing this we can be on a safer side but my dear friend this way we lose things.


Why can’t we understand things and accept.?
Why can we just go by the fact that any one can make mistakes?
Why everytime we want to dominate.?

Answer to all this is acceptance. This thing can solve a lot problem precisely a lot mamy relations. Soon will be writing on this but do think once that be genuine can help. We all live once why not to be true. I dont say that saying sorry can solve things but unless we are true it will never.




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