Pride- They hold me back
When I tend to live free,
They strung me tight
While I struggle to set free.
They torture me till I
give up or die.
They blame me
For not being someone the like.
They beat me till
I pray for my Life.
They frighten me with those
Sharpen knifes.
The seduce me at night
they kill me in the light.
I look like a prisoner
through their devil eyes.
They hear me scream
but they laugh at my site.
They enjoy it as
I regret my life.
This was not how it was meant to be ,I was suppose to live a life and not beg for my pride.




They say ” We’re suppose to live our life the way we want to “, but clearly our society is filled with people who think that having control on someone’s life will make them superior or whatever bullshit they call themselves but here’s the truth, those people are nothing more than a disgrace to our society and if you call yourself a “Man” for doing all this then you’re nothing more than a shitty person with no sense and no self respect.
They think that being a woman is a  crime and if you’re born a girl you don’t deserve to live and you’re someone’s slave and you’re meant to be left alone on the road or in middle of the woods after using your body and getting that dirty pleasure but in this way they seem to forget that they were raised by a woman they’re living in this world because a WOMAN Carried then in her womb for 9 months and raised them to be a better person and make her proud , not be a monster who chase women and use them to satisfy himself.
So to all the “Men” out there “Be in your limit or the WOMEN who gave birth to you could also be the reason for your death”
Guys if you like it agree to it then share this message as much as you can.

                                                                                       – ACHAL NIKHIL RAJ GUPTA

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