Aahhnn perception, well this is something that has ruined our lives. You all will be shocked that why such start but yes friends this is the exact meaning of this word. No doubt this word itself has a complete you within. What we feel, what we can sense, what we can realize or understand is all our perception. This word in your life and into everyone’s life has a great impact.

Things changes with perception..!!

We all in our lives has a habit of talking to our self and pretend things own our own and here we start deciding unknowing the fact that the actual meaning can be different. This can lead to overthinking and it kills. Later on when we come across reality, we feel that things were different and this overthinking or our perception till then has completely changed the meaning and reason of the actual thing.

Why to overthink?

We usually have a habit of recalling things. Finding answer to a problem of a situations. Once thinking over this I came to a conclusion that in every boy or a girl there is a hidden girl who is always keep to know answers and this suspense result in scratching things which results in assumptions.

Perception is one of those things which has its own world where we are the one who creates and decide things. We assume things we conclude them and finally we give a verdict. Resultant of this is when we come across truth we either deny the fact or we are in a situation where disputes and differences created.

You all must be thinking that there are good end of this word too and yes even I agree to the fact that things are on places due to it but it’s just like these cases which I discussed over are those which we have come across.

Let’s not decide early


Thinking about things is not wrong, creating our own conditions are good but when it comes to decision we should not decide before knowing let’s take time till we came across actual scenario and then decide.

Give time to things won’t effect it instead it will heal it. Time is the cure of all pains. Discuss it with other share our thoughts, understand other persons prospective have patience and then take decision. Things will help.

So to the end I would just like to say that lets not make things complicate just by thinking over things which are about to happen. Give time try and hold things this world is full of hates show some love and add a value to your life. Perception eventually leads to differences. It’s all about balance sometimes other person is low try to support him/her even there will be times when you’ll be feeling low try not to dishearten understand have patience. Time heals.




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