achal nikhil raj gupta

Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret – No one will ever know
how happy you were when I was born
though I was not the first one you were blessed with
because that was your little secret

No one will ever know
How you treated us little selves with all sorts of lilies,
With a promise of not to let our tongues slip.
Coz that was our little secret.

No one will ever know
how you rewarded me with those prized possessions
Whenever I stood on outstanding grounds
Coz that was our little secret

No one will ever know
why I developed a taste so strong for the sweet
for you imbibe that craving in me
Coz that was our little secret.

No one will ever know
your care that you had for us
Even you scolding’s were a token of love
because that was our little secret

No one will ever know
how I used to puff my mouth whenever you said I am no longer your favorite
though it was only for a moment or so
Coz that was our little secret

No one will ever know
how much I miss you every single day
for you were and will always be my love forever
And that is my little secret

our little secret


Hey guys, this post is a token of love to my nanny. I miss her too much and that’s why this little poem. We all love our grandparents immensely and so do they. Yet we don’t realize their worth until they have gone much far away from us. Since childhood they cater to all our needs, fulfill every desire and love us unconditionally. I still remember how as a kid I along with my other cousins used to flock around her for lollies and chocolates. It was a pleasure to roam around in the yard with her. Never did we miss the opportunity of having some mischief behind everyone’s back. Those were the days I would never forget in my entire lifetime. Some beautiful memories of the past, some tantrums as little ones, some stuff that yearned to the heart, yes those were the days of my childhood. I bet you all have spent a wonderful time with your grandparents. Yet when they leave, hollowness is there that can never be filled. Like something precious has been taken away from you, just like the missing piece of a puzzle without which the picture is incomplete. I have a similar feeling for I miss my nanny a lot. I still remember that smile on her face and how happy she was when I stood first in class. I had made her proud of me then. Only if I could pen down all the moments that I have shared with her to explain how much she loved me. Thus this poem is a thank you note, a summary of beautiful memories and an expression of love to our grandparents who have and will always be there to pamper us. I love u nanny and this one is especially for you.

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