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Nightmare – Short-form for invisible tears, inaudible screams and unbearable pain. At times I wonder, the word ‘nightmare’ is too cute for the pain it gives to the person.

Don’t you?

It’s like 3D
you can see it, but can’t touch it.
You feel the pain, but can’t open your eyes no matter how hard you try.



It’s like someone has covered your eyes with concrete and bricks and it is just not possible to move them. Your hands are tied tight.
You feel the pain and there’s nothing you can do about it, expect for submitting yourself and accepting the torture.

The worst part is nothing is real except for the pain, be it physical or mental. Pain is the mandatory element for those who suffer nightmares.

It’s like someone is stabbing you over and over in the same spot but you can’t place your finger there.

It’s like someone squeezing your throat to death, but the hand is invisible.

It’s like an aching lump formed in your throat which you can’t spit or gulp.

It’s like walking on fire barefoot, but marks are not visible.

It’s like a painful knot in your stomach which can’t be un-knotted.

Death bed seems heaven compared that of your own.

And the torture doesn’t end here.


It again starts when you try and explain it to people; they accuse you for being retarded, laugh at you, few tell that’s because of depression but no-one tries to understand what it actually feels like, how much it hurts, how many sleepless nights are spent in the fear of pain,  how many countless hours are spent just to calm our self, how many times we hoped someone to hold us close and provide warmth.

Nightmare, well it’s something which can’t be understood until experienced, at least listen to it without interruption and judgments.


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