FACTS ABOUT OCEANS


Since we are talking about the life underwater let’s take a dive into what the oceans on the planet Earth have in store for all of us here.

  1. The oceans across the world covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. With oceans covering so much of the Earth’s surface, it’s evident from the fact that how important and necessary these marine environments are to the planet Earth, and how much there still is to be explored
  2. Another interesting fact is that the majority of the on the surface of the Earth is aquatic. As we all know that maximum of the Earth’s surface is underwater, it is merely a surprise that marine species have outnumbered the life of those on land. But on the other hand it’s an incredible fact that 94 per cent of the Earth’s living species exist within the oceans.
  3. According to a study it is shown that the world’s longest mountain chain is located underwater!! Yes, you read that right!! Underwater! Do you know that the Earth’s longest chain of mountains that is the Mid-Ocean Ridge, it is almost entirely under the ocean, stretching itself across a distance of 65,000 kilometers.
  4. There are more historic artefacts under the sea than combined of all he museums in the world.
  5. We people still only know a minimum of 5% of the aquatic life living from decades under the oceans. We are always in the run of discovering new marine life every day.
  6. US is a vast-vast country but did you know that still 50% of the US still lies beneath the ocean. Can you imagine now?!
  7. The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest ocean, you all must be knowing tis already but the amazing fact is that Pacific Oceans have around 25,000 islands which is greater than all the island combined on the earth.
  8. Have you ever wondered what happens to the Coral present under water? Well the Corals present under the water produces their own sunlight.
  9. Let’s get rich which this next fact. Wink! Do you know the oceans hold enough gold inside with which each of us can have 9 pounds. Let’s pack our bags and dig into the oceans. Wink!!
  10. Since we are running short of water let’s find another way for producing water. Do you know a large ice berg contains 20 gallons of water which is sufficient for more than 5 million people?

So these were some interesting FACTS ABOUT OCEANS. Tell us in the comment section below which one did you find the most interesting.


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