Here our some amazing benefits of beer every individual out there must be curious to know. May we say beer is not good but there are still many benefits of beer.


Beer is always good for the heart


Several studies have proven that consumption of beer could reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because the enzymes presents in beer has a thinning effect on blood and which reduces the chances of forming a clot that can cause a blockage in the coronary artery.

Beer helps in losing weight

In a recent study conducted by conducted by Oregon State University they found out that xanthohumol, a chemical flavonoid that is usually found in beer, helps reduce weight and cholesterol levels in our body.

Beer improves our cholesterol level

Beer helps in increasing the levels of lipoprotein in our body which is a good type of cholesterol which prevents the building of plaque in the arteries. Beer is also known to have high amounts of fibre which helps reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol which is the bad type of cholesterol.

Beer reduces the risk of cancer

Xanthohumol which is an antioxidant that is found in beer plays a vital role in the prevention od cancer.

Beer helps in boosting our mental health

 Studies shows that beer can help in protecting our brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Drinking beer which can make you feel calmer and relaxed.

Beer helps in improving our weak eyesight

All the enzymes and antioxidants that are found in beer help in protecting the eyes by preventing the mitochondrial damage. A study claims that a beer can also minimize the risk of people developing a cataract which is very common these days.


Beer reduces the risk of diabetes

In a latest study conducted by Harvard found they found that people who have increased the consumption of alcohol in their daily life reduces the risk of developing a type-2 diabetes.

Beer minimizes the risk of kidney stones

Beer in known to contain potassium and magnesium which help prevent the formation 0f kidney stones in our body. Also, we all know that beer is 90 percent water, and water is the most important and powerful tonic for the prevention of kidney stones. In fact, in a latest study done by laboratory they actually found out that drinking a bottle of beer every day can reduce the risk of kidney stones by 40 percent. 

Beer has positive effects on our skin and hair

Beer has always proven to have very great impact on our hair and skin. We have been reading this this so long. Let us know how? The vitamins that present in beer are a good preventive and corrective source for acne on our skin and also add a glow to our skin. Additionally, the presence of Hops and malt in beer promote healthy growth of hair


Let us know in the comment section below that our of all benefits of beer which one blown your mind away



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