Acceptance – a hard truth..!

It is something which is hard to do but unless we attain this we will never be a better person. Things come and go but the best part is we need to face reality. Reality is a mirror with never lies, it may be harsh but is always true.

We all have a habit of doing things that we like, we have a habit of thinking about conditions we prefer and we all sometimes by doing it leave reality behind and when we face the reality we move our face off. Acceptance is something which will always make us a better person. It deals with reality and reality never dies. Everyone has to face be it good or be it bad in this life only. In this game of life there is no second chance, there is no back stepping, no shortcuts and even no cheat codes.

We all know what acceptance is. It just like accepting a fact, a situation , a condition ,our mistakes, our faults, our pros ,our cons and what not which sometimes we like sometime we don’t but this fact of life remains. Acceptance teaches you a lot of things, it gives your experience, it gives you a new way to thinks or to deal with a problem. One of the biggest thing associated with it is realization.

Realization is again a bitter truth. It is something that can change your life. In today’s world with changing scenario we all have come to a conclusion that the best way to make other accept the facts, mistakes or any thing is only by realization. Emotion are sometimes which can never be controlled. Everyone has a break-point, sooner or later we all realize and accept the fact that things we do are not good.

One more very important things we regularly come across is the negative way of realization i.e. we sometimes react fake to realization and acceptance. You must have hear people saying “OKAY FINE ITS MY MISTAKE I AM SORRY. ” Ha-ha-ha is it even a way to accept instead the other person goes into dilemma what weather i was right or wrong.

Have i done something wrong?

Or is me who hasn’t realize?

Lets not make small things ruin our lives. Accepting the fact and realising the mistakes won’t make us a small human instead we’ll learn from our mistakes and will be a better humans. Things comes and go but this life is no second changes. Why to waste time on little things which can matter a lot once big. Lets cut them when small.





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