8 advantages of being single

8 advantages of being single – I’m convinced most people in long-term relationships are secretly miserable. Sure, it’s nice to have a partner to cuddle with, but relationships can also be terribly inconvenient. “being single is wiser then being in a wrong relationship”

If you don’t believe me, consider these surprising benefits of being single:Here, we give you some amazing 8 advantages of being single .

8 advantages of being single
8 advantages of being single

Time for yourself

In the everyday busy schedule, do you get quality time to sit quietly and enjoy your own company? We hardly give time to ourselves and think what’s going on in life?  How we can be happier or make others happy? If you are single, you are lucky because you won’t waste your time in fighting, searching for gifts, trying to live life according to your partner. You Get your time to enhance your creativity. The biggest advantages of single hood is, no one is entering into your personal space, no one is suffocating you by tracking your day to day activities.

You can flirt without fear:

Everyone flirts sometimes, whether they are single or not. This flirting is usually innocent in nature, but it could nonetheless lead to an awkward situation if a single person ends up developing feelings for somebody who is romantically involved. Add an insecure partner to the mix and this awkward situation could quickly turn into a terrible confrontation. If you love to flirt, then single-hood might be for you.

Having ample of time:

Being in a relationship you have to live your partner’s life more than your own. You have to take all your decisions after thinking or taking permission from your partner. You hardly give time to your family, friends because your partner love to spend quality time just with you. Contrary to that when you are single, you can enjoy road trip with your friends, you don’t have to ask anyone before wearing or doing anything and most important you have all time in the world to do whatever you want without giving explanations to your partner

Less or no emotional dramas:

When you are in a relationship, you always want it to keep it intact. To achieve that you have to take care or your partner’s emotions on top and have to ignore your wishes. You always feel insure of losing your partner or hurting them. In fact many lovers spent sleepless nights if something goes wrong in their relations. It’s not that being in a relation always hurts you emotionally but you do have to face ups and downs to keep your relationship working. Thus, if you are single then do enjoy your life to fullest. Specially, in this busy life when you talk to your better half, you look for support, care and understanding and in the absence of any of these elements, relationship starts getting bitter.

Freedom to do whatever you want to:

Just like a flower will wither if you don’t water it, a relationship will suffer without proper care and attention.Do you have a friend who complains about how “needy” her partner is? This complaint could be justified depending on the context, but most people simply underestimate how much time it takes to sustain a healthy relationship. There is nothing “strange” about wanting your significant other to spend time with you. If you’re not ready to consider the needs of another person, then singlehood might be for you.

No fear of hiding your last seen or blue ticks to avoid silly fights:

Being in a relationship has its own pros and cons. At times your partner is so annoying that they keep checking your last seen, when they send you a message and you have seen and did not reply, there is a fight, doubt, mental and emotional disturbance and so on. While being single you are far away from all this chaos. You are at your mental peace. You can stay online as long as you can, there is no one who keeps an eye on you.

Travelling on a whim (a sudden desire or change of mind):

How do you think a romantic partner would react if you woke up and decided to move overseas, go backpacking through mountains in Iceland, or take a cruise to a tropical destination? They probably wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t include them in that decision (and rightfully so!). Single people, however, have the freedom to travel without hesitation. If you’re a vagabond at heart, then singlehood might be for you.

Grass is always greener other side:

Even after reading above pros of being single, you are in grief then you should ask your close friends who are in relationship. Committed, married or lovers do look awesome and loving in front of others but they do a lot to keep their relationship healthy. They have to adjust, sacrifice and feel emotional pain thus enjoy your time being single and get yourself ready for that special one with whom you will be ready to spent all your time. Well to be single or not to be single it’s in our hand. There is no harm in trying for another relation but if your luck is not giving you favour and you can’t find the right partner, it’s better to be single for a while rather than sticking with a wrong partner.


Most of  the people feel that you must have a partner with whom you can live happily ever after and for many people having a partner is a style statement.  We watch romantic movies, read romantic novels or look at lovely couples having great time together and then think that we can only have fun if we have a loving partner with us with whom we can spend golden moments of our life. I do agree that with a loving partner your life is a bliss but being single is also not a punishment. Your happiness is not depended on others, it’s your life and you can for sure enjoy your life without being labelled as “lonely” I would like to end here with a nice quote that comes in my mind and with this we come to end of our 8 advantages of being single.
“Single doesn’t have to mean lonely. Single simply means ‘I’m resting my heart until it’s ready to love again.”


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