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HOW TO MOVE ON – Moving on from a relationship can be bit difficult at times but sometimes it’s the only option we are left with. It is true that all of us move on in their own way but the universal truth is same for all of us that we all face this challenge of moving on in some or the other phase in our lives. Here are some things you can do which will help you ease your pain and will help you how you can move on..!!

1. Accept and let go of your feelings.

Accept and let go of your feelings
Accept and let go of your feelings

With every breakup their come baggage which need to be cleared up. It can be a mixture of many emotions such as Sadness, regret, dissatisfaction, disappointment all at once. If your relationship was pure and intense unlike the casual ones now the baggage will be more and can be difficult to get rid off. If you feel like crying, cry for one last time and get rid of every bad emotion you had. Avoiding your emotions won’t help rather face them and try to embrace them, this may take time but will eventually heal you spirit. Try to connect with your emotions and slowly let them go. Take time for yourself and process your feelings. Sleeping is a tried and tested formula to get rid of your mental baggage.

2. Understand that he/she was not the one for you.

Understand that he/she was not the one for you

Bollywood has really given us false hopes “pyaar sirf ek hi baar hota hai”. Wink!
Joke apart, stop fixing yourself with people these fixations can be dangerous. This may lead you to the hope that “someday” or “oneday” they might come back because they were “the one” for you and that you just can’t be with anyone else but with them. It’s time you should let go of your fantasy and stop idealizing your partner I think I always support is that if the intention to be together is there, any obstacle and even the toughest of the reason can be overcome. Relationship is all about being with the RIGHT PERSON. It’s time to realize and understand the real reasons why you are not together anymore.

3. Always talk to your closest ones.

Close ones

You never have to go through your darkest days alone because we all have closed one in our life there is a reason why we have them. They are there to support us, encourage us, pull us up during our difficult times. We our lucky if we have people to whom we can pour our heart out because we know they are the ones who will always understand and support us no matter what the situation is. Friends can easyly help you to move on.

4. Do the things you love.

Do the things you love

It’s time to spend some quality time with yourself. Holding onto things for a long time can get toxic. Get yourself involved into some activities that you are most fond of doing. Things that will excite you and rejuvenate your soul. Go hiking, swimming, go on a trip with your pals. Engage yourself so much that you don’t have time left for thinking. Things you love are perfect way to move on.

5. Give a closure to your relationship.

Things can get difficult if we are left behind hanging midway with unanswered questions and thoughts. The best way to get rid of all those pent up emotions is to have one final talk with them and giving this relationship a closure and finally forg5.iving each other and moving on.
If the person is avoiding to answer your questions then this us itself a answer and now let go of all the things that were burdening your soul.

6. Meet new people.

Meet new people

Meeting new people might not help you in forgetting your past instantly but will distract you from your emotions and you will eventually start feeling better. There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you.

7. Recognize that there is someone for you.

Recognize that there is someone for you.
Recognize that there is someone for you.

We might not want to believe in true love anymore after our heartbreak but that is not how the world runs and realizing that no matter how many bad people you have met and how many toxic relationships you have had there is still a person out there who is meant to be yours. Someone who will love you for who you are.


Life is full of ups and downs and throughout this life time we will face pain, heartache etc.. but remember that it will not last. We always have a choice of moving out of sadness and finding our own happy place which takes a lot of courage. So these are easy 5 thing which ill help you how to move on and restart.
Are you ready?


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