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6 SIGNS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING– As women’s we always tend to notice even the slightest of the changes in behavior yet we always ignore them but ever thought that they could be a wake up call for your relationship. If there are just one or two signs they surely can be ignored but when the start to pile up look out ladies!. So here are 6 SIGNS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING. Lets check this out.!!


1. He will be on the phone more than often

If he is always stuck on his phone when you are around but doesn’t reply on time when you text definitely means he’s connected to someone online. A man who is 100% into a relationship with you will be devoted to you and have nothing to hide from you.

2. Hasn’t deleted his online dating profile

Don’t let his excuses fool you ladies. Nothing can ever justify the need to keep an online dating app while having a relationship. He might claim on not using that app but the presence of the same on his phone tells a different story.

3. Putting too much efforts in their appearance.

Suddenly start putting a lot of efforts while going out with his “other friends” but appears as usual while going out with you. You might ignore the little details in the beginning but can be a lot worse and can bring an end.

4. Secretive

He tends to hide his plans more when you ask about or starts telling stories but never hits the actual point. Will always wants to know what you are upto but never wishes to answer on his turn. Intimacy will either suddenly become non-existent because he might already be getting it from somewhere or will tend to have a lot of sex due to high testosterone while imagining things with someone else online.

5. Suddenly giving you all the attention

Okay ladies, which doesn’t want attention right? And when it is coming straight from our men its cherry on the cake. But hold your happiness and think why on earth are you getting all the attention which you never really got earlier.? That is just because they are trying to make up for “not so ideal acts” behind your back and it’s time to have a conversation now.

6. Your gut will always tell

There are always three sides of the story, your side, their side and the truth. Your partner might be doing all these things but still be faithful to you. What is true for other people doesn’t have to be true for you, but if you got feeling is telling you that something is fishy it is better to talk to your partner about it rather than roasting your mind alone.


So here are 6 SIGNS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING. We tried giving you almost clarity and there might be things that are not mentioned here but must be happening with you and if your partner is cheating on you, our heart goes out to you. Be strong ladies and try to make a right decision. 


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