5 Things You Learn About Friendship in College

5 Things You Learn About Friendship in College – College days are one of the best days in every individual’s life. From strangers turning into families, learning new things, experiencing different things every day is a blast. From taking care of drunk friends to 3 am long drives, everything is new and exciting. Spending three to five years together brings you really close. Covering up for each other on night outs and class bunks to celebrating breakups together, college friendships are totally different and absolutely fun.

Friendships has no boundaries

5 Things You Learn About Friendship in College

There is no boundaries when it comes to friendship. People out there, holding your hands without any judgements and comments. Supporting you throughout your college journey. You can rely on them with anything. Sharing each other’s stuff, makes you feel like you are still living with your siblings. Have you heard that Airtel jingle? ‘Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai, Jo Mera Hai Wo Tera‘. That’s what friendship means”

Second Family:


Living far away from your house for your education is not easy. The level of homesickness becomes really high and sometimes you can’t even visit your parents during festivals. That time these friends become your second family.

Best therapist:


As a grown up child , it becomes harder to cry and crib about every little thing that bothers us. We often end up suppressing our frustration and heartaches, which turns us toxic and can affect our mental well-being. But your college mates definitely understand your moods, even before you say anything.

They are the best teachers:

best teachers

From teaching in exams to teaching life lessons they become our best teachers for life. they will become your personal diaries, where all the things related to breakups , family issues are shared without a fear of getting judged .

Never let you do the stupid things alone:

5 Things You Learn About Friendship in College

Friendship is all about doing crazy stuff together. Exploring new things is cool, but doing that together with your friends just takes fun to the next level. They provide you with the confidence and support to test your limits and do something crazy which you would probably never try alone.  “I never knew I would love travelling so much. When I came to college my friends made a pact that at the end of every semester we will go on a trip.


Some of the most influential people in my life would fall into the category of “college friends.” Believe me 10 years down the lane, these crazy friends will be most memorable things to remember, all those mass bunks, bunking of classes and sitting in the cafeteria doing nothing but playing uno, teasing each other with funniest.So here we come to the end of our list of Things You Learn About Friendship in College. Hope you all have loved this one. Share your collage memories with us in comment section.


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